RubMaps, a database where users compile meticulous feedback on massage parlors that offer “happy endings,” or manual relief at the end of a massage.

But what attracts patrons who are seeking Massage Parlors with ‘Happy Endings‘ at massage parlors is the explicit list of sexual favors the provider may offer.

Rubmaps is a website that brings together many countries and cities. Simplicity is essential, and Rubmaps provides it. This review provides the pros, cons and other important information you need to know to determine if Rubmaps is the best site for you to find escorts and erotic massages.

Erotic massage parlor reviews

Rub Maps has a list of erotic massage salons, so if you are looking for reviews of erotic massage parlors, as well as the best places to receive erotic massage near you, Rub Maps meets these needs. The site is only for the United States of America. If you are traveling in the country or are already living there, it is perfect. Like most other existing sites, there are advantages and disadvantages to using Rub Maps. Get all the information you need to find an erotic massage in your state.

Is it really discreet?

People looking for an erotic massage are interested in discretion, for obvious reasons. Safety and security are important, and Rub Maps helps people find clean, professional places for fast erotic massage experiences from attractive babies and people who really know what they are doing. In addition, the website offers options to help you determine the distance between your services and your place of residence. If you have a “voltage”, Rub Maps can help you.

Where fantasy meets reality

One of the slogans of this site, where fantasy mingles with reality Honestly, I was a little surprised by the number of massage salons listed on the site. Some of them had the last activity as little as the day before, and the beauty of the erotic massages were listed to everyone. These include women like Joy, Nikki, Sarah, Angie, Sunny and many others. They were all people in an area that I will visit this weekend. Fantasy can meet reality everywhere in the United States. Some states have fewer salons than others, and others have many. California, for example, has more than 6,000 registrations. Michigan has more than 200 and smaller states, like Maine, have more than 25.

Practical features of the erotic massage directory

One of the features I liked about this website is the option of the card. You can look at maps of your area to locate milking parlors rather than just addresses. Rub Maps claims to be the best massage parlor locator, and I can not deny this statement. There are also reviews on individual massage parlors, as well as prices. The distance calculator is one of the best features of the site. This tells you approximately the distance that separates you from some massage parlors.

Advanced search functions on Rub Maps

Search options are extremely important for adult websites, regardless of their type. In terms of erotic massage, it is essential to be able to find exactly what you are looking for. There are many types of erotic massage, including tantric massage, Nuru massage, duo massage, traditional massage, happy ending massage, and many others. If you have special preferences, you can find them here. With the advanced search option, you can also search for several other items.


The fields you can use to search for your fantasy online include the name, ethnicity of the masseuse, rates, features, payment options, and more. From a physical point of view, finding people by age, size, size and what activities they like to do was also a huge benefit. Some people will go a little further to find their ideal character. With so many advanced search options available on the site, there are many ways to find the perfect massage parlor for you.

Erotic massage forum

The forum is one of the highlights of Rub Maps. This is a place where people who are just starting to explore the world of erotic massage can get fantastic advice and have conversations with people with experience of navigation. There are also many places where people can discuss their ideal massage experiences. The forum allows people to talk about a wide variety of topics and you can access them quickly and easily. To access the forum, you must create an account on the site. You must also recognize that you are over 18 years old.

Useful Features

There are also many other useful pages on the site, including a slang section. You can learn all the problems you need to know to get the best experience possible. This includes abbreviations, which are quite common in erotic massages. The list is long and includes many terms that I was not even aware of. It’s surprising to me, given the number of times I have visited pornographic websites. It just shows you that it’s exciting to keep learning and exploring the world.


Memberships and subscriptions

Subscriptions are available for the site, which allows you to access certain areas of the site that you can not use otherwise. This includes in-depth reviews that people leave for each studio. These journals can be very useful, especially because they give you information on specific places. According to critics, you may decide that a studio located five or ten kilometers from the nearest studio is the one that best suits your needs. Having a fantastic experience in an erotic massage parlor is easy, especially when looking for the best places to satisfy your desires.

What is rubmaps Forum

This is a website that offers a lot of useful information in a clean and organized way. The forums are amazing and there are a lot of listings here. Some states have more lists than others, but with an emphasis on the United States in particular, Rub Maps has done a fantastic job creating a site designed to connect people to their fantastic experience.


Escorts and massage artists

One of the things I love about Rubmaps is the bios that every person on the site has set up. This includes a lot of information about each person, many of whom have pictures of their bodies on the site. People have different tastes in terms of erotic massage and varied tastes with regard to women in general. Some people prefer smaller women; some prefer larger girls. Whether you are looking for an open and powerful personality or prefer a calm and reserved person, you will find notes in the descriptions, as well as reviews of people who have used services.
Do not forget to check the GFE options.

In addition to all types of standard massage, including traditional erotic massage, Nuru massage, Tantra massage, etc., many people on this site offer the Girlfriend experience. Not only will these girls treat you like a king, but there are also escort options that will allow you to experience the whole experience of a girlfriend. These women will talk about the topics you want, share and give you an unforgettable day or night.

All the fun all the time

For people who feel stressed or tense after a long day, whether due to meetings, theft, work or stress at home, the relaxing feelings of erotic massage are a perfect solution. People looking for appointments for events or just to spend an evening in town with a gorgeous “partner” in hand, escort services are a great option. Some of these girls also offer therapeutic massages, deep tissue, Swedish massages and, of course, the always popular sensual massage. The women on the site know how to touch people and they are easy to find with Rubmaps.

Massage for men, women and couples

Do you think that your partner may want to receive an erotic massage with you? They are available for couples in addition to individuals. Think about your imaginary person and the pleasure that a massage would bring. You can discover all this and more with the most attractive women and trans escorts on the site. These elegant companions and wild escorts are invigorating and they are more numerous than you think.

Finding Erotic Massages on Rubmaps

Rubmaps has a large number of attractive companions available around the world. Some of the big cities will have a lot more than the smaller ones, which is predictable. Tons of ethnicities are featured on the website, from black escorts to Asian escorts, from white escorts to European escorts. These women know how to choose the perfect outfits and offer the ideal experience to their clients. The ability to read reviews on the site is fantastic and the biographies of each escort are informative. Each person’s page also includes their statistics, including their height, age, weight, body size and the fact that their pussy is shaved, shaved or hairy. The search for adults is not only worth your time, but you should take a look at everything it offers.